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Author Topic: Starbound 1.0 - July 22 2016  (Read 2831 times)
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July 21, 2016, 03:22:01 PM
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Let's do this!!!

« on: July 21, 2016, 03:22:01 PM »

First, some quick background/catch-up information on me:

I've been pretty invisible since the FFXIV guild raids in 3.0 fell apart. To be blunt, I was disheartened not just by the raiding woes but also the crafting progression changes that were put in there. It effectively (for me) ruined the aspect of the game that I loved most, and I haven't been able to restore my interest in playing. Unless they announce RDM at some point and/or other positive game-changing adjustments, I'm not sure if FFXIV will ever be a big focus for me again. This doesn't upset me too much, however losing touch with guildies and our site here has left me a bit disappointed in myself. Most of the time away from MMOs has found me playing Rocket League or catching up on various other titles while still not making a dent in my overall library.

Anyway, one thing I've been doing all long is tracking a few titles I know in my heart can be great if they make it to their 1.0 release. One of them - Starbound - is now going to be in 1.0 as of tomorrow!!

For anyone who played this in its EA/Beta days either early on or recently, I promise you that 1.0 is a huge change and improvement on so many fronts and unless you hated the game I can almost guarantee that you'll appreciate the product they're putting out tomorrow.

I have maintained our Ravenbound server since its creation, and I plan to have it updated to 1.0 ASAP tomorrow (depending on response time from our host for any config issues they need to sort out). I strongly encourage everyone who owns the game to drop in and say hi, and maybe even play a little. If all goes smooth and I'm not stuck resolving issues, I plan to hop around with a GM character and greet folks with a unique gift or two to help their new characters get going - either in function or style.

Also, with the help of two pals we're putting together a "Homestead" which will be a planet designed to provide some basic services (much like the Outpost) and offers some storage boxes where you can drop off any gear or vanity items that you wish to give away - or you can browse through and take items that others have dropped off. If we manage to have some steady activity, this will also be a place to meet and hang out and it may even expand if we have strong activity on the server.

The server will start vanilla, and mods will be set up eventually if/when it seems appropriate and beneficial to everyone's experience. I personally believe that everyone should experience vanilla as much as possible before jumping out and exploring mods though - this isn't the Starbound you played before!

The login information posted here on the site will still work, plus I will be testing the join via Steam friends feature to see if that works for friends on dedicated servers as well. I'm expecting players from Raven as well as the C22 gaming clan, so you might see a new name or two if global chat is busy in-game. I can assure you that as always, the folks I game with are quality people and I don't expect any mishaps but all the same I'll be prepared to deal with any problems.

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