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Author Topic: For our FFXIV: ARR members and applicants  (Read 4278 times)
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August 25, 2013, 12:47:19 AM
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Let's do this!!!

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Here's some general information on our invite & promotion process as well as how we're set up to operate in FFXIV: ARR.

1.)  Getting Invited in-game - We are offering invites in-game as they are requested. Once we reach our target membership (currently aiming for about 20 active members), we will review this process and may begin requiring applications prior to extending invitations.

2.)  Formal Application - For those who were initially invited in-game and wish to remain with us and get promoted out of the starting rank, we ask that an application form (found on this board) is filled out and posted. For details on how the form will be processed, please refer to the "INFORMATION: To all Raven Applicants" topic on this board. Anyone who does not complete an application will remain in the starting rank in-game, and after two weeks or longer we reserve the right to dismiss the recruit at any time. A dismissal will not occur without a private conversation taking place beforehand between the recruit and an officer.

3.)  Rank Structure - Currently we are operating on what we call a "Wings & Talons" model. We have a starting rank for new recruits, and a few ranks above that to designate those who have been actively participating with the FC. From there, it branches out into two promotion paths - one (the "Talons") is designed for those primarily interested in combat and DoW/DoM progression, and the other (the "Wings") is designed for those interested in DoH/DoL progression and upkeep of FC resources. Being in one branch does not exclude you from the other one's activities; it mainly serves as an indicator to other members of where your goals may lie.

 - This is still a work in progress. As we continue to grow our Free Company, any important information useful to new recruits will be added to this post. If you believe there's anything I missed or stated incorrectly (or if you have any questions or suggestions), please let me know. As always, we appreciate everyone's time and consideration.
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