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Raven Code of Conduct

Raven is a laid-back, yet effective legion. In order to maintain the balance we need to preserve our environment, we will maintain and enforce a code of conduct primarily led by the following values - Respect, Honor, and Heroism.

Respect - Since Aion's launch, one of the great strengths of Raven's community has been in the level of respect all members show each other. This has held true in-game, as well as in the forums and in Ventrilo. As a whole, we have come to expect all members to value each other's feelings, beliefs, goals, and personal time and privacy. While we expect that this level of fellowship will not falter, we do wish to state some general rules and guidelines for members.

As with most organizations, this is a "no-tolerance" subject. If a member believes that they are being harassed, we expect the member to make an attempt to address the issue with the person who is causing the conflict. We believe that there is enough maturity among all members to be able to handle an issue in an adult fashion.

In extreme cases and/or if the issue cannot be worked out among the members, an Officer may be contacted to mediate and/or determine if any further course of action is necessary. Officers do reserve the right to step in at any time if an issue appears to exist, and in severe cases Officers may take appropriate actions without consulting other Officers or the Guild Master.

All Raven members must respect each others' personal time and objectives. While we regularly work to help each other, we understand that there are circumstances in which members need to ask for aid. It is acceptable to ask another member for assistance (ex: quest help, crafted items, borrowing currency, etc.), however it is not okay to continuously request services if someone is unable or unwilling to assist for any reason.

Please consider that while you may be in need, the member(s) you approach may already be bound to commitments in or out of game. In most cases, someone will assist you as soon as they are able. However, continued solicitation will be viewed as harassment and will carry similar consequences (see above).

In Raven, we ask that you notify someone if you believe that you will be away from the game during an organized event or for an extended period of time overall. This is to ensure that others participating in a scheduled event are not forced to await your arrival if you know you are unable to participate.

Any member who has been away for over 1 month (per in-game stats) and has not notified anyone of an upcoming absence will be assumed to have left the game and thus may be removed from the guild at any Officer's discretion. Any member who was removed from Raven in this fashion is eligible to receive a re-invite to the legion upon their return, provided that they were in good standing among members before their departure.

* Final note regarding respect: In regards to guests appearing in Ventrilo and on our website, we expect Raven members to provide them with the same level of respect as we would other towards our own guild members, and expect similar from our guests. If the guest is unable to maintain our standards, Raven members are encouraged to contact an Officer to address the concern directly. This could result in the temporarily or permanent removal of the guest.

Honor - While this is generally a less-discussed area, members of Raven are expected to operate in an honest and honorable fashion. This is composed of the little things that members do in their day-to-day game play. While they may seem to be of little significance sometimes, these are often the things that shape a legion's reputation amongst the rest of the game's community.

This is often the bane of the stereotypical "pick-up group" or even some guild groups. While it is not fully expected or required in pick-up groups, Raven members are always expected to use a "need before greed" play-style when participating in guild-only groups.

We understand that everyone needs resources in-game and/or the loot that just dropped would be great for an alt someday, but if a guild member in the group needs that item as an immediate upgrade then allow them to have it. Please consider that if you make the extra effort to take care of your fellow guild members, you are going to get that same respect and care in return when your items drop.

Raven strongly supports its crafters and with this comes some responsibility. For any member who requests to have something crafted, we expect our crafters to charge no more than the cost of any materials that need to be obtained for the object(s) requested. Tips, however, are acceptable.

A member who placed a crafting request is not to sell the items made for them without the consent of the crafter. This is to ensure that the crafters' time and resources are not abused.  If for any reason a crafted item is no longer needed and can still be traded, it should be offered back to the guild for use by another member.

Illegal Activity
This is another no-tolerance policy. Raven members are expected to play the game "as it was meant to be played," meaning that we do not support actions that may violate the ToS (ex: buying currency, botting, utilizing exploits, etc.). If any guild member discovers that another member is or may be performing an illegal activity, the Officers will address the claim and determine the appropriate action. Please be aware that if direct evidence is discovered, this will result in consequences leading up to and including immediate termination from the guild.

Heroism - Not everyone can be a Hero. This phrase was originally an inside joke among some core members, and thus the "Heroism" aspect primarily applies to the Officers and Guild Master of Raven. This consists of the general leadership structure and expectations we believe that the members of Raven have of them.

Decision Making
Raven is not a dictatorship. In cases where top-level decisions need to be made (ex: drafting a new policy), Raven's leadership determines a course of action by popular vote among the Officers and Guild Master with equal weight on each vote. For this purpose, Raven will maintain an even number of Officers so that (including the Guild Master's vote) there will never be a tie when votes are placed. Furthermore, in extreme circumstances (as noted with harassment) an Officer is permitted and expected to take appropriate action to the best of their judgment, without the consent of other Officers or the Guild Master. When such an event occurs, the Officer is expected to notify the rest of the leadership as soon as possible.

Social Networking
The Officers and Guild Master of Raven are expected to take the time needed to get to know all active members and applicants. Also, they should attempt to make themselves available in some form when in-game should any member need counsel regarding a guild-related issue. Be aware, however, that there are exceptions. It turns out that they have lives too.

Bank Management
The Officers and Guild Master are equally responsible for maintaining guild banks in-game. Raven will often, but not always, restrict access to portions of this storage space. If a member wishes to obtain something from the bank, all Officers will have the ability to provide the item to the member. Likewise, any member seeking to donate items or currency is permitted to send the donation to the Guild Master or any Officer.


All members of Raven holding an Officer position are expected to offer a line of communication (email or phone) to the Guild Master and other Officers in case an event arises where it is felt they need to be contacted. This contact information is to be kept private among the Officers; no one will give out contact information without the owner's consent.

*** Footnote: This is a living document and is subject to change based on the needs and desires of Raven and its members. We strongly encourage input from our members, and ask that any concerns or ideas for revision of this document be discussed with an Officer or the Guild Master.


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